Steam Account Token ID

The Steam Account Token ID, or Game Server Login Token (GSLT) creates a persisten token for steam dedicated servers.  This allows steam to correctly verify the server that is connecting has been purchased as you cannot create a server without buying the game. The token login also helps players find the server even if the IP address changes.

To create a GSLT token, log on to

You need to ensure your steam account meets all the requirements, from then you can continue to enter the required information.

You will need to find the correct App ID of the server you are connecting, for example a dedicated Linux Counter Strike Global Offsensive Server will use App ID 730.

Simply enter this into the App ID box and enter a memo of your choice, such 'My Counter Strike Global Offensive Server', then click Create.

You will need a token for every server you create.

The servers that currently use a token are;

  • Ballistic OverkillBrainbread 2

  • Black Mesa: Deathmatch

  • Blade Symphony (required)

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (required)

  • Counter Strike: Source (required)

  • Day of Defeat: Source

  • Empires Mod

  • Garry’s Mod (required)

  • Insurgency

  • No more Room in Hell (required)

  • Nuclear Dawn

  • Team Fortress 2

  • Tower Unite

  • Zombie Panic! Source

The full list of servers and App IDs can be found here

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